Jackie Nutter

Ensuring we meet our clients’ needs is a team effort. As our Assistant, Jackie is the one who keeps us all together: organized, efficient, and moving forward to serve our clients well. We rely on Jackie to help us stay on top of our obligations and busy days and there’s no telling where we’d be without her.

For Jackie, it all comes down to serving others. She is very active with her church and one of her ways of serving is as a trained disaster relief responder. From Katrina to Sandy and other floods and storms, she has learned how to “muck out”, tear apart and rebuild houses so that people’s lives can be reconstructed.

Originally from Hanover County near Richmond, she loves the local community and the deep roots she’s inherited from her German immigrant ancestors who were among the first pioneers to settle the NRV. Jackie has served our community through many organizations and efforts throughout her 30 years of living and raising a family in the NRV.

Jackie says “people are her hobbies”. We think that sums up the deep care, friendliness, and attention to detail that she brings to all of us, because that’s who she is — she loves helping people.

Jackie and her husband enjoy taking road trips and exploring the country. If you ask her to tell you about her favorite road trip destinations, be prepared to not get an answer, as for her it isn’t about the destination but rather the people she meets along the way.
It’s obvious from the first time you meet Jackie that her job means more to her than just a job–it’s about the people she can help and the relationships she’s able to foster when she assists people through the exciting and sometimes scary times in their lives, whether it’s helping recover from a flood or a stressful move. A helping hand for life, we couldn’t do it without Jackie.